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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

By using this site, you agree to abide by our terms of use and privacy policy.

> User / Client Privacy Policy: Our Company / Geo-paving & Seal Coating has made a substantial effort to protect our Users and Clients in terms of cyber security and applicable privacy regulations. Among which, (website) has a properly installed SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on our domain with encryption of data input and data transfer. This allows for Reform Alliance website features like contact forms and application input forms to be well-protected when Users enter their private and/or sensitive information. By law, all our website Users, Clients and Contacts can request to be “opted out” of any subscriptions / communications or emailing lists and we shall abide by their requests to enable such process. By contacting our company (Geo-paving & Seal Coating) via our online contact forms, email, phone or text, you agree to "opt-in" to receive relevant communications / information pertaining to your questions and any materials that we (as a company) believe would be helpful to you (as a User/Prospect or existing Client) - this allows for us to provide a better service without encumbrances nor any hindrances brought upon by a lack of communications and unnecessary barriers.


Additionally, for certain contact forms / applications / contracts and documents, we reserve the right to provide an optional "opt-in / opt-out" feature for permitted communications related to your account status and important student loan/debt relief information as well as any marketing promotions & company announcements - whether direct or indirect point of contact regardless of solicitation techniques; nonetheless, we intend to adhere to a professional code of ethics with our Contacts/Prospects & Clients having the right to be able to request to "opt-out" of ANY communications OR solicitations that would otherwise be naturally instigated by our company for those who were "opted-in" to consent to participate in our relevant communications outreach.

> How We Collect and Use Information: This website is also equipped with optional “call-to-action features" like the company phone # that our Users & Clients may call to interact with our company staff to be able to answer relevant questions. By calling the company phone #, our phone systems collect the caller ID / phone # so we can call them back to try to assist them. We also have very secure private CRM systems where we store the information provided to us by our Clients of our services & Users of our website ( and its connected web portals.

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